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And this kind of chaos in the policy, no doubt and confusion of the real estate market information has a lot to do. Therefore, for the first time by the national bureau of statistics survey, provides valuable data for public policy, tear open the iron curtain of real estate information, make national policies and people no longer dance as the developer the baton, indeed very be necessary. , don’t, as the government to control prices, real estate profiteering signaling the end of the era.

Defect root disk when local government interests in the real estate section, when the economic recovery is still in the hope of real estate driven, we really should not be a little voice statistics institutions of research behavior gives too much expectation. Cheap Fendi Belts ping an,both were suspended,announcement said the company is planning a major matters, suspended since opening on June 8, the company will issue relevant announcements before 13 June after the resumption. The market interpreted as: Cheap Fendi Belts ping an will be through the exchange to buy SDB shares. Peace in the xinqiao, rumors already a long time. As lock-up period will turn xinqiao five years ownership, newbridge exit has become inevitable.

As the first foreign private equity fund holdings of Replica Fendi Belt listed Banks, as a strategic investor holds five years is not short, in the case of the parent company of financial difficulties, exit is also an inevitable choice, believe that after previous round of citigroup, from Replica Fendi Belt Banks, domestic rational interpretation of such a move can. In terms of Cheap Fendi Belts banking sector, foreign investors to exit now, for the Replica Fendi Belt banking industry itself is not a bad choice, flange of this if you have private capital to enter, even is a good choice.

For Cheap Fendi Belts ping an, in overseas expansion plans after forays, for investment in fortis losses of 20 billion in the next few years, ping an expected won’t enter the turbulent financial institutions abroad, and will start to domestic strategic focus tilt is a rational choice. Ping an’s long-term strategy is to become a real financial holding company, its basic path by means of merger and acquisition, forming a cover asset management, financial holding companies, strengthen synergies.

The strategic target of the mixed operation does not change because of the financial crisis, it’s just a few international blind impulse. If peace in SDB rumor is true, from a business perspective, this is a win-win choice: it implements the peace for a nationwide business of the bank’s target, and through change the way of the chance to share the insurance industry profits. From the essence of good is concerned, there is more obviously than Cheap Fendi Belts ping an bank. Relative to other domestic listed Banks, the bank’s performance is poor in recent years, has been faced with the bottleneck of development, while foreign large shareholders in the implementation of the strategy also repeatedly and domestic shareholders have conflict, through the exchange with Cheap Fendi Belts ping an, in highly profitable domestic insurance market, meaning special indeed.

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Fendi Belt Replica In terms of each financial product, governments have designed the perfect supervision system, under the impact of the mixed management, the system already does not have the function that risk isolation. For example, the whole chain of the subprime mortgage, insurance, commercial Banks, and investment Banks, the risk of lost because of the mixed firewall, for each structure isolation by means of added leverage risk behavior, because the interests of the agency agreement in chain and take for granted. For such a mixed pattern, not only without the corresponding supervision system design, it formed the mixed pattern of management and supervision on the separation of the total breakdown,Fendi Belt private equity funds to complete the things outside the regulation.

And Fendi Belt reform has not fundamentally deny mixed management pattern, only by giving the government more power, the mixed management pattern of financial institutions and financial products to regulate, Replica Fendi Belt reform clearly hope that don’t touch the existing pattern, not to tear down, in U.S. financial the ship just by the financial tsunami of holes broken fishing boat to repair it, seems to be very big, the goal is ambitious, in terms of path, and can only be called improvement and revolution of financial supervision. the American finance mild measures of barack Obama does not seem to buy it, think that Mr Fendi Belt reform shook the foundations of the liberal economic and philosophical concept, a vast power of the federal reserve seems to be a safer than hedge funds are more likely to financial crisis.

the history of the us financial regulation is under every financial crisis, repeating a from regulation to deregulation, and to control the reincarnation. Before the first of the great depression, the American finance is, there is no regulation, it is because of the outbreak of the financial crisis, the government intervention in the financial sector. Fake Fendi Belts And the entire human financial history also tells us that every financial disaster, all on the premise of deregulation and connivance of greed. Replica Fendi Belt And nearly hundred times in human history, large and small, the financial crisis that, for financial institutions, the efficiency of the security is far greater than, pure pursuit of efficiency, means that disaster close to the step. The pursuit of the so-called utopian pure unregulated free economy, the humanity will certainly pay a heavy price. regulation is necessary, no regulatory financial like underground sex industry, highly profitable danger is everywhere. However, since the human has taken the mixed the demon came out from the bottle, if you want to catch it back in the bottle, really difficult.

Fendi Belt reform is certainly across national borders, the influence of the biggest impact of this reform mode may give financial regulatory reforms, including Replica Designer Belts, provides the system model, and to emulate. We have seen, in Europe and the United States and other countries at present on the disadvantages of the mixed over the solution when my country represented by ping an to buy Fendi Belt, many financial institutions remain in the circle of his own financial holding dream. To have the insurance, trust, securities and ping an group, owns a national licence Banks can apparently complete its financial holding the final piece of the puzzle.

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Fendi Belt with a lot of characteristic of Replica Fendi Belts’s transition period in our country’s real estate market, information and development of monopoly, the height of house in Replica Fendi Belts, the lemon market, developers not only in terms of the price of housing information had monopoly power, especially in the area of the building, materials, facilities, delivery and use, etc, have absolute power. As is known to all, the social security fund as a strategic reserve fund and ordinary Fendi Belt, always there is a big gap, debt problems. Fendi Belt as early as in 2000 when the national social security fund, Suggestions for state-owned shares transfer full social security account will be heard. In 2003 the third plenary session of the 16th is in the form of files has been clear about the various ways including transfer part of state-owned assets to enrich the social security fund in accordance with the law, congress also put forward to raise social security funds through various channels, make up for the fund gap, due to the complexity of the interests of the game and considering the impact on the capital market, the work has not really started.

Cheap Fendi Belts to the national social security fund’s annual report in 2008, after eight years of operation, only more than $5600, the total amount of the social security fund gap trillions of. In the special context of the current financial crisis, to start the transfer of state-owned shares of the social security fund plan, Fendi Belt Cheap is a substantive significant livelihood of the people. As more than last year, the central economic work conference on the situation, Replica Fendi Belts’s economy is facing difficulties, Look from the core content of the Obama plan, mainly in four aspects: one is to give the fed supervision of financial share the company as well as the size and complexity and the Banks considerable power of all the non-bank financial companies; Second, in the aspect of market regulation, will be to endanger the safety of financial hedge funds, private equity funds and other otc derivatives, private financial contracts and derivatives into the scope of regulation, and transparency of the financial derivatives trading proposed requirements;

set up specialized agencies, is responsible for the formulation and implementation, such as mortgages and credit Fendi Belt and other aspects of consumer protection laws and regulations to ensure that consumers get clear comprehensive information, and know the risks and benefits of all sorts of mortgage products; Four is in crisis, given the government’s response to the crisis of the new policy tools, such as giving government takeover of systemically important power of big financial firms, given the fed’s emergency lending under the abnormal emergency power. If careful analysis scheme, although involving surface is very wide, overall, it may still be a moderate rather than a radical reform. Solution while expanding the powers of the government in many ways, and free before the outside supervision of financial derivatives products and financial holding company and other articles, all under the supervision of the government. fundamentally, the solution is not upset the existing mode of financial development, whether it’s financial innovation, and mixed management solutions are not touch, only to the original scope of no regulation to strengthen the control.

Cheap Fendi Belt Of the biggest financial reform seems a bit exaggerated. In terms of the impact on the financial landscape, the degree of even than in 1999, the Clinton administration promulgated by the financial modernization act, the legislation for the United States to bid farewell to the great depression of the New Deal to establish the pattern of financial separate operation, banking, insurance, securities and mixed management mode are all the rage, Fendi Belt Cheap become the industry’s development direction. after the worst of the financial tsunami cruel baptism, mixed management let financial institutions increased profitability, in terms of regulation, mixed operation under the states of the financial regulatory system like a beautiful building castles in the air, decorated appearance fragile.